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High relevance of trade fairs.

Decision-makers in German companies and public authorities are particularly fond of trade fairs. This is the conclusion of the recent LAE readership survey, which is conducted regularly by a consortium of publishers and the Association of Media Agencies. Two thirds (65 %) visit trade fairs at least once a year, 84 % at least occasionally. This figure has remained similarly high for the last three years (2014: 85 %) and is much higher than twelve years ago (2003: 77 %).

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The study also shows that of the total 2.95 million decision-makers in Germany, managers under 39 are just as likely to visit trade fairs as other age groups. 

    Contrary to other theories, they are even more likely to attend trade fairs: 
    87 % of all respondents go to trade fairs, while 68 % go at least once a year. 

      The following sectors are especially active when it comes to trade fairs: 
      Electrical engineering/electronics (94 % occasionally, 81 % at least once a year), 
      Mechanical engineering/metalworking (92 %, 77 %), 
      IT/communication industry (91 %, 70 %) and 
      Car and vehicle industry (89 %, 71 %). 

      The latest study questioned 8,331 managers in German companies and public authorities. The study is conducted every two years.

      AUMA, the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry, believes these results confirm the continuing high relevance of trade fairs as a tool of information and procurement.