Xella: Experience cubes

Client / Location
Bau, Munich

Concept and Design

The Xella Group manufactures numerous building materials and distributes brands such as Fermacell, Ytong, Silka and Multipor. The aim of the trade fair presentation was to bring together all the different divisions and present to visitors in a lively way the possible applications of the materials.

The challenge

The independent and famous brands of the various divisions need to be presented on an equal footing. It's important that the stand has a strong presence and is an experience for visitors, vividly immersing them in the world of building materials.

The staging

The company divisions were represented by three separate square areas, the design of which was based on the delivery of materials on pallets. Warm colors from the same color family, together with the use of the same basic structure using cubic shapes, emphasized the affiliation between the areas. 


Within these cubes, visitors could discover directly in situ how the various building materials are used. For the brand Multipor, insulating materials were made visible in a model house using cross sections. Fermacell used a ventilation duct to show the applications of the materials. In the YTONG/Silka exhibit area, a representation of a detached house offered a practical example of the application of porous concrete. The cube made full use of the available height of 7.50 m, in order to present the brands and building materials realistically and vividly. 

Visitors were drawn live into the action in an action area. With the aid of product tables, on which, for example, mortar was being mixed, Xella demonstrated clean handling of materials. A large seating and communication area directly behind the information counter offered plenty of space for discussions and making contacts. Baubuch 2015 – Xella's well-known, free reference book for architects and building contractors – was also showcased.

Behrendt & Rausch Fotografie GbR

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