Teamwork is key to mastering challenges.

We are bluepool.

At bluepool we like to ask questions. We reflect, think and look ahead. We question established facts and are always ready to take a step forwards. Do you like to ask questions too? Are you asking yourself, for example: who actually is bluepool? Then here’s the answer: we are bluepool! Get to know us. And perhaps we'll soon be asking questions together, resulting in perfect solutions.

The forward thinkers

TEAM MANAGERS. Regardless of which departments we come from, we are united by a common passion: to keep developing, moving and consistently advancing bluepool. We work on an interdisciplinary basis, love synergies and build a stable unit that strengthens and links the firm from within. At the same time, as the senior management level we look outward and are always open to new ideas and approaches. We take the initiative and accept responsibility. Thanks to our direct involvement in ongoing projects, we are able to apply our coordinating and implementing strength precisely where it is most effective: in the search for the optimum solution for our partners and customers.

The orderly-minded

ADMINISTRATION. Our hobby-horses are accounting, controlling, human resources, IT and support. We love order and always maintain an overview of figures, dates and deadlines. Behind the scenes we take care of bluepool's structure and organisation, linking the individual business units together.  Like a stable scaffold we form the backbone of bluepool.

The image cultivators

SALES & MARKETING. Our work means we look outward: as the Sales & Marketing team we are the face of bluepool for customers and partners. We advise our customers in close collaboration with colleagues from individual departments, think and look ahead. We create space for communication, love markets, exhibitions and brands, are always available for a chat and are highly skilled at managing brands and images.

The experience designers

DESIGN & CONCEPT. As the creative team at bluepool we turn an empty sheet of paper into a unique space for communication and experience. Beyond a pure design we create a concept and use it to tell a vivid story. In so doing, we deliver the right space for our customers' brands and create the perfect framework for an impressive appearance. We think both laterally and conceptually; our work is structured and demonstrates a love of detail.

The eagle eyes

ACCOUNT MANAGERS. When you look at a project from above, the big picture is always clear. That's why we love the bird's-eye view: we keep all the strings of a project in our hands and can pull on them as needed to steer everything in the right direction. As the link between customers and colleagues we ensure there is a smooth process, on-schedule implementation, a  fruitful exchange and lively communication, in order to realise the perfect brand appearance for our customers.

The precision mechanics

ENGINEERING. What starts as an idea, takes physical shape with us: we turn the concept into custom-fit exhibition stands that can be touched and experienced. We plan every project down to the smallest detail, accept technical responsibility down to the last screw, and for every idea always have potential realisation at the back of our minds.

The system jugglers

BIG BLUE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES GMBH. Our Spin-off works systematically – in the truest sense of the word. Alongside to their contractual partners, such as Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, FairXperts, P.E. Schall or Deutsche Messe, BIG BLUE realise exhibition stands specifically related to the event their partner is organising.  They work flexibly and can fully exploit the broad range: from the system stand starting at 4 m2 to the 2,500-m2 communal stand, BIG BLUE handle the entire process and realisation.


The treasure hunters

PURCHASING & COSTING. With our flair for materials and quality, we find the best solution for all needs. We always bear the cost-benefit ratio in mind and organise production and purchasing controls, supply costings, and handle assembly and transport planning. Our team includes specialists from all relevant areas, such as wood, metal, fabrics, furniture and assembly. We have the perfect partner on board for every project and take pride in developing long-term relationships with suppliers to ensure close, trusting collaboration.

The creators

GRAPHICS. We love colours and shapes. We know advertising technology and are fluent in RAL, CMYK and Pantone. Optics and visual recognition are always the focus for us: using a wealth of creativity, cutting-edge machines and a love of detail, we handle layout and realisation of everything needed in graphic terms for an exhibition appearance: from layout design, 3D letters and foil writing to 5-metre large-format printing.

The craftsmen

WORKSHOP. We are specialists: craftsmanship is just as important to us as sound knowledge of materials. We complement our love of craftsmanship accordingly with a great deal of expertise, in order to maintain, prepare or repair our customers' materials. We are directly integrated with our joinery, paintshop and metalworking department in the company building. We can act flexibly thanks to short distances, also offering constructive solutions for every requirement at short notice.

The organisational talents

WAREHOUSE. Organisation and overview are half the battle: that applies both to warehouse management and our rental warehouse, our customer stock and picking as a whole. We guarantee that every part is available at the right time at the right place. We have a lot of experience and reliably coordinate care of materials, including appropriate service providers and trades for all work that arises.

The storage expert

CUSTOMER STORAGE. Our customers know that their furniture and components are in very good hands here. Because customer storage facility personnel take care of the administration as well as the material care and commissioning of customer-specific components. The components are stored in our rental warehouse not only according to individual requirements but are also constantly cared for and maintained in order to be ready for use at all times.

The gatekeepers

INCOMING & OUTGOING GOODS. You could say that we live by the motto: trust is good, controlling is better. We keep a close eye on all schedules, ensuring that all goods are properly packed and loaded. As part of that, we conduct continual quality controls and guarantee on-schedule availability of the right goods and materials.