Sustainable three ways: Our concept for modern work.

Sustainability means much more nowadays than a vague reference to environmental protection. At bluepool we see three aspects – social, commercial and ecological – continually developing supportive tools for each, in order to achieve and monitor results. The goal is responsible business that handles resources respectfully – in relation to the environment, our industry, other companies and in our internal organisation.

Eco-management in exhibition construction: consistently conserving resources.

Sustainability as a theme is an extremely significant factor in the communication industry. Ultimately, we often move tonnes of material over enormous distances very quickly.


We would like to illuminate the “ecological footprint” of our entire production and keep improving it – from materials procurement and project planning to the re-usability and disposal of individual materials.

The “Sustainable Company” certification considers all relevant business areas individually, depending on the company in 11 different categories. It not only takes ecological aspects into account, but also economical and socio-ethical ones as well. The particular challenge in this is that we do not have to comply with pre-defined standards and conditions, but actually have to develop and implement targets, initiatives and priorities ourselves. These are reviewed twice a year, and new targets are defined. Due to our commitment, we go through a process of continual developmentresulting in an even more sustainable business model.

The “Sustainable Company” certification was developed by the FAMAB Association. As pioneers in the industry, we are also a founding member of the  FAMAB Foundation, which is part of the Association. The aim of the Foundation is to reduce CO2 emissions in the exhibition construction, communication in space and events industries. 

Quality code: reliable for customers and suppliers.

An open and trusting relationship with our customers is extremely important to us. Ultimately, we want to work with you for a long time – to our mutual benefit.


We deal with our customers and suppliers following the principles of openness, honesty and respect. Because a business relationship only becomes a partnership if it is shaped by trust and reliability.

As a FAMAB member we are bound by a Quality Code. This is founded on law-abiding behaviour, sustainability in terms of ecological, economic, and social criteria and safeguarding of ethical standards and values. The FAMAB Quality Code is aquality promise by all members and is divided into the levels of structural quality, process quality and results quality.

The Quality Management standard ISO 9001 is the most significant national and international standard in quality management, forming the basis for the continual optimisation of our quality management. That's how we increase the transparency of operational workflows, achieve greater customer satisfaction, reduce error rates, as well as costs and resource consumption in our production.
As a certified supplier and partner in the event and exhibition construction industry, our customers have been relying on us for years. With regard to firms like Würth, Bosch, Siemens, Daimler and the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, we are bound by defined standards. Our reliability and accuracy in implementing these standards is confirmed by the numerous awards and listings we have achieved, for example as an official partner to the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre and as a registered partner firm of Würth GmbH.

Global corporate culture with local impact.

Sustainable commitment is a global theme – and a responsibility to the city, the region, the people who live there and not least to our own company.


We would like to conserve the resources of our home. The natural, but also the social and human ones.

With the international Environmental Management standard ISO 14001, we are using a globally recognised tool for our environmental management system. The focus lies on a continual, ecological improvement process in the organisation itself.
In the Ecoprofit project the environmental commitment is linked to local responsibility. The initiative encourages cooperation between local authorities and local businesses with the aim of reducing operating costs and conserving natural resources. 

Culture of sustainability.

Not everything that comes under the sustainability banner can be demonstrated by certificates or even figures. This applies particularly to the human, social facets of these values – a corporate culture that relies on openness, honesty and respect toward customers, suppliers and employees.

We live and reinforce these values every day: through compliance regulations, certified corporate partnerships, regular training initiatives, diverse working models, a minimum wage, and scrupulous attention to occupational safety.