Shanghai: Club Mook 2.0

Client / Location
Club Mook 2.0, Shanghai


The Mook 2.0 Club in Shanghai is being redesigned and includes a large, futuristic multimedia installation. bluepool is handling the planning and realisation of the individual build phases.

The challenge

A challenging task for the logistics: the whole project is being planned and realised on a modular basis with daily sections to ensure the club doesn't have to close during the build phase.

The realization

All the construction and working materials for the installation are set up in the morning and removed again each evening. A logistical triumph, as all the materials have to be stored in the building's side rooms. This allows night operations to continue unhindered, and the popular in-location doesn't have to close for one day during the makeover. With a realisation in phases like this everything has to fit. Accordingly, the club was painstakingly measured before realisation by bluepool Ltd. Shanghai. This means the individual light and media effects can be arranged later on with total fit accuracy.


The complex technology behind this installation is partially hidden from visitors by glass and dark gloss finishes. The technology used includes video-LEDs, lighting elements, lasers, CO2 and more. The concealed placement brings surprises for visitors every evening during the elaborate opening show. The design for the multimedia installation comes from Markos Aristides Kern at Visual Drugstore GmbH: he designed a combination of different media and polygonal elements, which are spread throughout the whole club creating a futuristic overall impression.

Visual Drugstore

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