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"Embodied cognition", a branch of cognitive science, theorizes that thoughts, feelings and decisions are influenced by physical perception. Accordingly, physical experiences are translated into emotions when they occur, while the emotions themselves influence buying decisions or brand perception. Sensory marketing uses this knowledge to make products a palpable experience and create a positive association in consumers' minds. Whether an exhibition stand or event - a memorable presence speaks to all the senses. Here at bluepool we target four senses and would like to introduce you to the possibilities this creates.

Be inspired. With our decades of experience, an extensive network and international structure, we satisfy all the senses.

What is multisensory marketing?


Scent is one of the central features of recognition and not just in relation to beauty products and cleaning. Scents are frequently used to communicate a message. However, they have another crucial benefit: they can add value to a product, giving it a feature that was not there or was inadequate. A scent of pines, for example, can bring an outdoor feeling to an exhibition hall.


It is no secret that the skin is our biggest sensory organ. What we do not consciously realize, however, is that we are continuously perceiving something through our sense of touch - without noticing. Information enters our subconscious in this way and settles there as a recognition value - design your giveaways, for example, to suit your product and create a tactile memory.


We can all think of a slogan that we complete subconsciously as soon as we hear the first couple of words. Sound is usually an accompanying factor but is no less important than other stimuli. In contrast, acoustic signals are not just highly memorable, but are also an ideal way of creating emotions and interweaving them with your presence.  Accentuate your presentation, e.g. with atmospheric music or introduce a sound logo.


On average 60 - 80 % of our perception is influenced by sight. So do not stint on your stimuli in this area. When designing your brand's aesthetic presence it is important to consider the coherence between form and color - and to maintain this ratio consistently! This is the only way to fix a logo or key visual in the subconscious and create an association with your brand at first glance. Make sure you stick consistently to your corporate design and corporate colors.

How does multisensory marketing work?

R. Stahl at the Achema

The products on the R. Stahl stand, including electronic measuring and control devices, electric distributors and lamps, were subjected to enormous thermal loads. The products were frozen in ice, presented under water and subjected to high temperatures using heaters. The aim of this presentation was to show how resistant the products are to all kinds of conditions. Touch is a perfect foundation for presenting products. In this case, extreme conditions are used as a tangible experience and as a way to highlight the product advantages. Two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Case 2 W&H at the IDS

Visitors to the IDS exhibition were able to evaluate dental products from W&H using VR glasses under the motto of "virtual reality". This allowed them to experience the inner workings of products, which are not otherwise apparent to the naked eye. The use of spatial depth effect and optical illusion encompasses the senses of touch and sight, delivering a palpable and memorable product experience. The depth of the product world is not presented on the stand, but through the 3D film. Immersion in the product using VR glasses allows a presentation that would not be possible with an analog approach.

First-hand do’s and dont’s


Sensory branding offers a wealth of opportunities for a memorable exhibition or event presence. The bluepool marketing team has already handled several products with a focus on sensory marketing. Gernot Schad, Team Manager Project management explained in an interview what it's all about, what we can do better and what the future holds. We hope you enjoy the read.

Question: We have already read two examples of a sensory presence at exhibitions. What have been the most thrilling moments in this area?
Answer: Aside from the exciting concept, one highlight for us in this case was realizing this unusual form of presentation. The ice block the products were presented in had to be replaced every day, as it melted due to the warmth and touch of the visitors. A great experience, not just for the visitors to the exhibition, but also for us as a team.

Question: How does collaboration work with your customer on themes like this?
Answer: Our goal in collaboration with the customer is to make brand messages tangible. The first thing we do is discuss the wishes and expectations our customer has. Do customers have their own ideas? Do they leave the conception to us? Regular checks over the shoulder ensure purposeful progress. We want to create experience zones - that make brands tangible. And not just on paper, but in practice.

Question: Are there no-gos in sensory marketing?
Answer: Although sensory marketing is effective, it's true here as almost everywhere: less is more. Sensory marketing should target the senses subtly and boost the impact of the product. If you go too far, it can quickly result in sensory overload and then rejection.

Question: What are the current trends?
Answer: One theme that is current and yet timeless is interactive design. The user experience (UX) is the focus here. In interactive design the visitors can influence and alter the sound, visuals or light, controlling their experience. Analog interaction is the counterpart to this. Haptics and impression are perceived directly. Motion attracts attention and interaction creates a connection. A good combination for sticking in the mind.

Question: What role does bluepool play in relation to a successful presence?
Answer: bluepool is a developer of ideas and a realizer. We believe in taking an intensive and customized approach with each of our customers. This is the only way to secure our customers' trust for years to come and to present ourselves as the team we are: as personalities rather than anonymous consultants.

What can customers expect from bluepool in 2018?
Answer: First of all, what they can of course always expect from us: creativity, service from A to Z and realization at the highest level.
We also always want to continue expanding our network and to become more international. With all innovations though the most important factor for us is that our customers always have that personal contact with bluepool.

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