Client / Location

SEG Hausgeräte GmbH
SHK, Essen
IFH Intherm, Nürnberg
GET Nord, Hamburg


Concept and design

SEG Hausgeräte GmbH offers a world of exciting possibilities, thanks to intelligent innovations and proven, German engineering skill in all of its appliances. SEG Hausgeräte GmbH is part of the BSH Group, which is a trademark licensee of Siemens AG.

The challenge

The high-quality materials with their sensitive, high-gloss coated surfaces needed to be ready for use in mint condition for all three trade fair appearances. Differences are especially apparent in the fine details and the high quality requirements – such as you would only expect to find in shopfitting. It was also very important to ensure that the exhibits functioned correctly. They needed to be supplied with electricity and water as required.

The staging

On this future-focused stand, visitors – primarily dealers – needed to experience the real product presentation as they would in their own showrooms. The materials used needed to reflect the premium quality of the products. The trade fair concept was handled by the RUESS GROUP.

„Anthracite gray fair-faced concrete and filigree metal structures, silk carpet and a palette of gray mat-lacquered surfaces: Experimentation with the possibilities of the new CI harmonized with the marketing requirement, which was to offer a sensory experience of living environments.” — Dirk Landauer, RUESS GROUP ARCHITEKTUR PROJECT MANAGEMENT

Zooey Braun

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