OSRAM: Welcome to Smart City

Client / Location
Light + Building, Frankfurt


General contractor and project manager
Prio Event Management

Concept and design
Schmidhuber Brand Experience

OSRAM is one of the world's leading providers of innovative lighting solutions. With its brand promise of innovation and quality, OSRAM sees itself as a driver of technological progress on the lighting market.

The challenge

Extremely detailed planning and good interaction between the 7-8 responsible departments was required in order to perfectly realize the complexity of the trade fair stand with a very short setup time. The timing of the logistics and installation work needed to be coordinated with precision so that no missing parts delayed the setup and all installation teams were able to work unhindered at all times.

No element or corner of the whole OSRAM stand was identical. The individual themed areas were, in effect, the equivalent of 12 independent stands of 80-100 m² each, linked to each other by plazas and streets to form a Smart City.

Around 15,000 OSRAM products had to be integrated in a functioning way. Large-scale, extensive graphics by around 12 graphic designers were concealed throughout the whole stand. Each individual area – wall, ceiling and floor– required a precise drawing. Each socket, switch and plug had to be precisely positioned during the planning phase.

Functioning vintage-style hairdressing salon

OSRAM product offers for end consumers in a hardware store

OSRAM product presentation

Themed product walls for use in the B2B sector

The staging

The broad and innovative portfolio of the lighting specialists is presented in a modern, urban world. Smart City invites visitors to enjoy virtual window shopping and transports them back to the year 1906. Vintage style is combined with the technical possibilities of the modern world. 

Everything is networked and actively involves the observers in everyday activities. Visitors experience virtual reality, apps control the color scheme and moods, charging stations and WiFi are available, there are demonstrations of intelligent home lighting and lots more. The interplay of light and shade, together with projections of highly complex data streams, make the exhibits informative and fascinating. 

The visit to the stand becomes an experience that leaves a lasting impression of the power of lighting. 

For further impressions and information, see OSRAM's special trade fair website.

„Realizing a trade fair stand of this size, which portrays a city in its own right, is a particularly exciting task. It was also fascinating to experience how precise planning allowed the cooperation between the many people involved to flow smoothly.” — Volker Mohr, Project Manager bluepool

Jean-Luc Valentin

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