Sensory marketing | A timeless trend under the microscope.

Sensory marketing: A timeless trend under the microscope.

Sensory marketing starts where consciousness ends

Marketing, advertising—trade shows, events: they all have one thing in common, and that is constant change.

At SPS /PC Drives in Nuremberg Siemens showed the latest app/ications for the digital factory of lndustry 4.0. 


The topic of senses is innovative and timeless all at once.  In the context of a brand message, the trend of sensory marketing is also an important topic for trade show and event planning.

What we perceive without being conscious of it, how to address trade show or event visitors at the precise point where their consciousness ends and the senses start, and how to ultimately present a striking exhibit—all those are issues that can have a significant impact on the first impression.

The do’s and don’ts of sensory marketing, as well as case studies and first hand information, are available here: 


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