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Our recommendation for everyone planning a trade fair appearance: the editors of B2B Manager magazine are currently offering a free downloadable e-book, which includes a lot of information on this topic. Unsere Empfehlung für alle, die einen Messeauftritt planen: Die Redaktion des Magazins "B2B Manager" bietet aktuell ein kostenloses E-Book zum Download an, das viel Wissenswertes rund um das Thema bietet. 

Anyone planning a trade fair appearance needs clear strategic and operational targets, in order to present their firm in the best possible way. The e-book shows how to achieve your targets to make the event a complete success. The comprehensive guide includes suggestions, for example, on designing a trade fair presence, helpful tips on employee coaching and important info on marketing and sales at trade fair events. Preparation, implementation and follow-up work for a trade fair are also covered. 

The e-book has been produced through a collaboration between B2B Manager, a sales magazine for medium-sized companies, and B2B trade fair expert Elke Clausen. The experienced trade fair expert gives lectures all over Germany on this topic at chambers of industry and commerce. In addition to giving talks and open seminars at industry associations, she is a contributing editor to renowned trade journals and has authored three reference books.

The guide can be downloaded for free here:  E-Book Messevertrieb