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Emotional event. Feeling beats everything.

How do you reach your customers today? How did we manage to convey a positive feeling among the different areas of the company? Is not gut instinct though often the last element in a decision? We believe: feeling beats everything.


bluepool has been working consistently for many years, not only for but also with its partners to arouse emotions together, because: we give your ideas space.   
Our long-term sparring partner Oliver Fink of fink different and his colleague Dr Katrin Keller showed us and our guests the possibilities and methods of achieving greater success through emotion with their “fink about it” series of events. 

The evening was shaped by many interesting, congenial and above all emotional conversations. 

A voluntary donation was made by the guests to the bruderhaus DIAKONIE in Reutlingen. This organisation employs a job coach to encourage the independence of the talented participants in its theatre project. The actors/actresses gain self-confidence and learn new abilities.