Driving the Digital Experience | Siemens trade fair stand

Digital dato and a fresh shave

bluepool built the Siemens tradestand - an examples of how stand designers showcase exhibits: abstract software that makes the production process more effective. And consumer products that interact live with consumers. 

At SPS /PC Drives in Nuremberg Siemens showed the latest app/ications for the digital factory of lndustry 4.0. 

How do you make digital data easy to grasp at a trade show? Can you actually visualise how software works? The booth designers of Concept 26 and stand construction firm bluepool from Leinfelden-Echterdingen took on this challenge. The exhibitor was Siemens at the electrical automation trade show SPS IPC Drives 2016 in Nuremberg.

In fully hooked hall 11 on a total space of 5,000 square metres Siemens showcased the latest applicationscabinets, video walls and computer terminals visitors saw images of production lines under glass.

The audience experienced live how cloud-based engineering becomes visible or how machines can be controlled with mobile end divices. This gives them insigiht into how production processes are transformed into digital data and how software makes modern production more efficient. They could see how virtual models optimise the sequence of movements in industrial production. 


But the real highlight of the booth was the "Mind Sphere Lounge" created by Triad Berlin. An almost completely enclosed circular space, it featured 360-degree animations, atmospherically lit tables displaying applications of Siemens' partners and a lecturepodium with seating for the audience. "The realise the Mind Sphere Lounge, we had to consider the architecture of the hall", recalls bluepool project manager Volker Mohr. "We integrated the first floor on the periphery of the hall by adding a modular stair case. This was used to go up to the "Mind-Sphere-Lounge" and escape into a magical world of the future.timierten.

Source: Trade Fairs International |
Das Wirtschaftsmagazin für Messen und Events |
Nr. 1 February 2017 - JK

Photography: Siemens AG