MTU Symposium

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Symposium, Friedrichshafen


MTU Onsite Energy produces decentralised energy plants and is part of Rolls-Royce Power Systems. The Power Generation Symposium lasting several days at the Friedrichshafen Exhibition Centre offers visitors a varied programme relating to the energy production and power generation of the future.

The task

There is only a small timeframe for the upgrade to the entrance, reception and meeting space, as we are only able to begin once all the exhibition halls have been cleared. Precise time management and exact coordination are facilitated by production.

The realisation

The Symposium is divided into sessions over several days: groups of visitors are led to different stations, where they experience specialist presentations and demonstrations. We implement an extremely clear guidance system and labelling for orientation in the building.


The exhibition space itself is divided into four areas, in which MTU Onsite Energy is showcasing container units and gensets, including new modules for combined heat and power plants (CHPs). To suit the large exhibits we supply around 60 enormous graphics, flags and banners and handle coordination of the media technicians. Due to the size of the exhibits and media, as well as the time pressure on the design, the organisation must be planned down to the smallest detail. This ensures the expansion work can run smoothly, and that the Symposium can start on time and with all fittings in place.

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