In exchange with industry.

Exhibition construction and event design are demanding, fast-paced disciplines. As leading experts with a strong forward-looking approach, we recognise trends early on, exploiting technical developments as they emerge.

Thanks to our membership of national and international associations and organisations, we are active wherever innovations are created, decisions are taken and contacts are made. Ensuring we remain pathfinders for our customers in the brand spaces of tomorrow:

FAMAB - our industry association.

Since 1963, the interdisciplinary FAMAB Association has been offering services and training opportunities for specialists from exhibition construction, architecture, design and events. It establishes industry-specific standards, processes and guidelines – including in relation to sustainability. This means the Association is not only in the thick of development, but also shapes and influences it. The FAMAB Award for particularly successful events and exhibition standards is a regular industry event, setting benchmarks in exhibition construction.

bvik - our communication platform.

bvik, the German association for industry communication, it's all about transferring as well. The organisation brings us together with other industrial firms and communication service providers and is the perfect platform for our marketing. Professional B2B communication leads to higher recognition, improved perception, higher efficiency and, ultimately, to greater added value.

IWV – our regional alliance.

The IWV is a local organisation enabling us to work with over 50 other companies with around 10,000 employees. This equates to most of the people employed in our city. Social commitment in the local area is the foremost priority. IWV initiatives include working to improve infrastructure, strengthen educational opportunities and develop family-friendly working models in the region.

IFES - International network.

We organise global collaborations and networks through the International Federation of Exhibition Services (IFES). IFES membership has enormous advantages in markets like the USA. For us as a German company, having an international partner drastically reduces the legal and logistical hurdles to establishing an exhibition stand.

OSPI - International membership.

As an Octanorm Service Partner International (OSPI) we are an experienced supplier of OCTANORM products and a knowledge carrier in terms of exhibition stand design and realisation. Thanks to our membership, we are always informed about new developments and are able to plan projects from Germany through the global network, which are then realised 1:1 at the other end of the world.