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Client / Location
MAN Nutzfahrzeuge
Annual Shareholders' Meeting, Munich


MAN Nutzfahrzeuge is a leading international manufacturer of trucks and buses. The annual AGM with around 3,000 participants took place in two exhibition halls in Munich. 

The assignment

To give the shareholders a vivid impression of the products and services of MAN Nutzfahrzeuge, the aim was to expressively present the individual product divisions – truck, bus and ships' engines. The time frame for setup and dismantling was very tight. 

The realization

The exhibition halls were divided into various areas. The AGM was broadcast live on monitors everywhere. As well as the large assembly hall, participants were also provided with a VIP lounge, partially soundproofed meeting rooms, a reception area and a spacious exhibition room, which allowed effective display of large exhibits, such as an original ship's engine with propeller. 


Exhibits of these dimensions and an event that fills two exhibition halls require a lot of materials, as well as transport for these materials. Around 40 trucks were lined up bumper to bumper ready for use during the short time period available for setup and dismantling. Thanks to efficient communication, the teams were flexibly coordinated and the challenge was smoothly met.  

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bluepool GmbH

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