Knowledge Centre Energy

Client / Location
Stadt Ludwigsburg
Permanent exhibition: Knowledge Centre Energy


How does climate protection work in everyday life? The exhibition by Stadt Ludwigsburg “Knowledge Centre Energy” provides vivid and practical answers.

The assignment

bluepool is handling all the work on the permanent exhibition: from the constructive elaboration of the designs to the creation of drawings, the project management, production of the exhibits, plus the logistics and assembly.

The realization

With a motto of “Discover energy, understand climate protection”, the Knowledge Centre Energy permanent exhibition informs its visitors about sustainable building and renovating, saving energy in everyday life, the ecological footprint and climate change using a variety of vivid methods.


Ten stations with examples from daily life show how environmental protection can be put into practice. The themes are conveyed in practical and vibrant ways: visitors learn how sustainability can be practised in everyday life in a small accessible apartment. In addition to the eye-catching start, each station also has more information and practical tips on the topic in question.

We made the exhibits as a special production for the Knowledge Centre Energy. A lot of the high-quality fittings are interactive, inviting visitors to understand the topic at hand by looking, touching and trying things out. We also used media and lighting technology, graphics and display units.

Benjamin Stollenberg

More information via the link:
Knowledge Centre Energy Ludwigsburg

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