Location: Weber-City

Customer / place
Weber-Hydraulik GmbH
Interschutz, Hanover

Concept and Design

Weber-Hydraulik is a leading international partner in high-quality rescue equipment. A 446-m² experience stand must immediately propel fire fighters into the midst of a real-life situation for the products.

The challenge

People are the focus of the island stand. Visitors should be able to experience using the individual rescue equipment – the stand as the „workstation” of a fire fighter with the central stage for product presentations and training.

The staging

The layout of the stand is like a city plan, with abstract structural elements flowing into the stand architecture. 5-m-high light columns along the road are suggestive of street lamps and provide most of the lighting on the stand. Communication areas are positioned at the side of the road and in the two-storey building.


The highlight is a spectacular accident scene at the centre of the stand, involving two cars wedged together and into a building. This staging presents special challenges for the rescue workers at the scene, making it the central stage for training and product presentations.

Right next to this, the tools are positioned on the stones of the park wall and on the house wall for direct use. The columns, designed as abstract fir trees within the city park, are equipped with integrated monitors, which provide information on the brand and product.

„The realistic staging on the exhibition stand integrates visitors into the heart of the action.” — Maike Syring
Maike Syring

Fotodesign Schiemann
Tom Oettle Fotografie

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