Client / Location
Landesmesse Stuttgart,
Rathaus Stuttgart


To mark the 10th anniversary of Messe Stuttgart, the internationally renowned photo designer Frank M. Orel depicted Stuttgart's exhibition center on the Fildern Plain as brimming with life in modern halls filled with light and atmosphere. The photos of Stuttgart in the exhibition show the soul of the Messe Stuttgart, the intensive one-to-one meetings captured just at the perfect moment.

The challenge

The complex installation work for the exhibition required very precise execution and extremely clean handling. As the large images are to be reused, they must be very cautiously removed from the frames and carefully packed for transport. 

Frank M. Orel has been working with Landesmesse Stuttgart for many years – as he has with bluepool. The two partners therefore had a direct channel for coordinating the design of the exhibition space.

The staging

Nobody has a better eye for the buildings and grounds of the Messe Stuttgart exhibition center than the photographer and artist Frank M. Orel. With his camera, he captures the halls from a new viewpoint and shows the buildings from very different angles. He places details that the observer rarely notices in the foreground, giving us a fresh perspective. Visitors to the exhibition discover a new side to the exhibition center. 

The life-sized depictions are intended to encourage interaction between the motifs and the observer. The aim is to make the observer identify with the subject as much as possible. For this reason in particular, the large-format printed materials require very high-quality, colorfast image motifs.

Thanks to the positive feedback, there are plans to show parts of the exhibition at Stuttgart airport and the philharmonic hall. An auction is scheduled, the proceeds of which will go to a good cause. And the City of Stuttgart is also thinking of purchasing one of the Stuttgart motifs.

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„The cooperation with bluepool was as usual uncomplicated, the advice very professional. The joint project has been great fun.” — Martin Walter, Department Manager Marketing Communication
„In art the depth lies on the surface.” — Frank M. Orel

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