Client / Location

Fakuma, Friedrichshafen

bluepool GmbH

Concept and design
bluepool GmbH

Celanese is a worldwide technology leader producing sophisticated chemical products and special materials for consumer goods and a number of industries. Celanese is known for excellent operative performance, sustainability, and extremely high safety standards. With its leading technologies, the company contributes to the value chain of its clients across the globe.

The Challenge

The Celanese exhibit needed to be planned on a space that had already been booked. Due to a recent take-over of two enterprises, the challenge was primarily to create a meaningful, yet spacious layout on the space planned prior to the take-over. A larger space could not be obtained at short notice.

The briefing focused on providing multiple opportunities for encounters among customer groups of varying sizes; and of course on architectural appeal. The challenge was to conceptualize an open exhibit on just under 100 sq m, with clear branding and a multi-functional layout.  A clear design was needed to make the brand easily accessible to visitors. The exhibit needed to offer spaces for discrete consulting on the one hand, and allow walk-ins to gain insights into the concept. One top priority was to present the claim "The Art of Material Selection" prominently. Celanese's presentation at this exhibit focused on customer dialog, consulting, and positioning as a solution provider for synthetic chemistry.

The staging

The issue of offering a generous presentation and consulting area on limited floor space was solved by a two-story construction. At the "Innovation Station", visitors with specific questions about their applications could have conversations with well-known Celanese experts.
Cylinders were placed on the presentation space with graphic representations of the diversity of synthetic chemistry on their outside surfaces, which translated the claim into visual examples.

The consulting area on the ground floor was framed with a fabric screen. This was to separate the meeting space from the traffic area, while remaining open enough to allow visitors to see inside. Graphics, as abstractions of the claim "The Art of Material Selection" were shown in geometric shapes on a transparent wall. An extensive meeting area was established on the top floor, along with open seating areas above the show floor traffic, as well as two differently sized conference rooms. These could be booked by Celanese experts for important meetings even before the show.

Fotodesign Schiemann