Client / Location
Robert Bosch Smart Home GmbH


Concept and design
TRIAD Berlin
Projektgesellschaft mbH

With its large spectrum of exciting smart home solutions, Bosch offers extra security, comfort and stylish design for homes. Networked devices communicate with each other and adapt when conditions of any individual device change.

The Challenge

The pop-up store is to act as a virtual home offering visitors an inviting space to relax a while. The products and scenarios are presented in a screen-based way and can be controlled via tablet. A short demo film with interactive navigation uses a virtual room to show how the products communicate with each other and make the visitors' lives more comfortable and secure.

Use of the public area in the shopping mall meant that installation of the complex setup was only possible outside of the opening hours. To make the best use of the short working time during the night, the preliminary joinery work needed to be prepared in advance so that it fitted perfectly. Any delays for subsequent fine adjustments needed to be ruled out beforehand. The self-supporting roof structure, in particular, needed to fit perfectly. Adjustments could only be made the next time the shopping mall closed.

The staging

With their fresh colors, the exhibition elements which resemble buildings look great even from a distance in Stuttgart's popular Königsbau shopping mall. The large supergraphics on the glass panels are an eye-catcher. The clear placement of the logos on the outside draw visitors' attention. The typical color scheme and the use of supergraphics ensure an optimum effect from a distance in the mall. The use of exclusive materials creates an inviting atmosphere.

The concept was created by TRIAD BERLIN Projektgesellschaft under the motto "Your home – reinvented". The explanations and displays on the product walls are aimed at conveying the uses and benefits of the intelligent networking of Bosch SMART HOME products. The different areas on the themes of security, indoor climate, energy savings and comfort are clearly displayed for the visitors.

„The interplay and the 100% work of the individual trades, to create a world of experience for the visitors, to be created overnight, is fascinating.” — Jan Kolditz, Deputy Team & Project Manager

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