It would be hard to imagine a fair that didn’t feature digital themes nowadays – and rightly so. Presentations made using new digital technologies bring the product experience to life in multiple dimensions, and brand identity becomes more memorable when the customer becomes an interactive part of the brand in a playful way – a brand experience on a completely new level.

For customers Rolls-Royce & MTU Friedrichshafen, who are two of the world’s leading manufacturers of large diesel engines and complete drive systems, bluepool developed the concept and design for a unique exhibition experience, which serves as a model for successful use of digital benchmarks in the analogue fair environments. bluepool designed and realised the new stand concept within a space of 380 m2 for the SMM in Hamburg. The stand had a strong visual impact and was divided into two areas, one for Rolls-Royce and one for MTU. The concept used clear lines and a targeted focus on both brands to facilitate optimum interaction of networks and digitalisation.

The corporate identity of Rolls-Royce and MTU meant that the brand presentation emphasised innovation and digital focus. Dynamic media installations suspended from the ceiling were an eye-catching digital element in the centre of the stand. This media presence brought the different areas together and accentuated the presentation of the exhibits via large LED monitors. The MTU highlight exhibit, a marine engine, was expanded for visitors by supplementary content and insights using an augmented reality app (AR). The visual presentation of the augmented reality experience was projected direct from the tablet screen to an LED wall element via real-time transmission. bluepool supervised technical realisation of the entire augmented reality area, creating a unique augmented reality experience for visitors to the fair. MTU’s exhibit area included another technical detail realised by bluepool: a working bridge console that simulated the technology for ship control. 


The MTU Value Care area was presented as a modern lounge area with seating cubes and side tables creating an inviting atmosphere for exchange. The idea for the innovative cube system was realised here by developing single elements for individual combination. A new digital wall element was incorporated in the cube system for the presentation, which provided additional advice and more in-depth information digitally through integrated screens.

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