Customer / place
Øveraasen AS
Inter airport, Munich

Concept and Design

As one of the world's leading companies in the industry, Norwegian firm Øveraasen AS is launching a new generation of snow clearing vehicles at the inter airport. We are developing and realising a trade fair concept for the firm to go with the product premiere. Øveraasen AS has been building snow ploughs, blowers and sweepers for 80 years and has a presence at almost every international airport.

The challenge

To develop a weather-proof trade concept for the world product premiere of a new generation of innovative and futuristically styled snow clearing vehicles.Entwicklung eines wettertauglichen Messekonzepts für die Weltproduktpremiere einer neuen Generation von innovativen und futuristisch gestylten Schneeräumfahrzeugen.

The staging

A highly visible, white structure covering the exhibit area, combining the basic shape of snow crystals with the linear structure of packaging tapes, drawing visitors' attention to the products as a “permanent revelation” throughout the entire trade fair. 

Overaasen Messekonzept

Fotodesign Schiemann