Xella: Experience cubes

Customer / place
Bau, Munich

Concept and Design

The Xella corporate group manufactures a variety of building materials, distributing brands like Fermacell, Ytong, Silka and Multipor. The exhibition appearance should unit all business divisions and bring the possibilities of the materials to life for visitors.

The challenge

The independent and famous brands of the various divisions need to be presented on an equal footing. It's important that the stand has a strong presence and is an experience for visitors, vividly immersing them in the world of building materials.

The staging

Three individual cube-like areas, the design reminiscent of materials delivered on pallets, represent the business divisions. Warm colour tones from the same colour family emphasise the unity of the areas, as does the matching basic structure of the cubes.


Within these cubes right there on site, visitors can discover how the individual building materials are used. For the Multipor brand insulating materials in a model house are revealed using cross-sections. Fermacell used a ventilation channel to show how the materials can be used. In the Ytong/Silka area, a single-family house is used to show the practical applications of aerated concrete. The potential build height of 7.50 m is fully exploited for the cubes, in order to showcase the brands and materials realistically and vividly. 

An action area propels visitors live into the thick of it: Xella demonstrates the cleaner process of the materials using product tables, on which mortar, for example, is being mixed. A large seating and communication area directly behind the information counter provides plenty of space for chats and contact. The Baubuch 2015 is also on show – a renowned and free reference book produced by Xella for architects and building contractors.

Behrendt & Rausch Fotografie GbR